ermie bokeh tank

My husband had work in Los Angeles earlier this week. I haven’t tagged along on a business trip in awhile so we left a few days early and made a weekend out of it. This gave me a perfect opportunity to show off my Ermie Bokeh tank (shown above with my Zoolander pout) and meet the designer in person.

ermie fabric

Jennifer and I met up one afternoon – which is so nice after blogging/emailing/texting over the last several months. (I swear I don’t even talk on the phone anymore.) She surprised me with a little bundle of fabric – Bead print, Magic Marker print and one of my personal favorites, the Ikat print. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting with her, talking about our individual process, future plans, ideas and suggestions. It’s not often that I get to sit and pick the brain of a fellow creative type, and two hours passed quickly. I am so excited about her future collections, so if you haven’t seen her blog and shop, do have a look. She has wonderful photographs and a fantastic point of view that I thoroughly enjoy participating in as a spectator and customer.

More about my other fantastic finds from La La Land later this week…

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3 Responses to “ermie”

  1. PRIMOEZA Says:

    so nice that you caught up. cool pic of you – great pout, great hair!

  2. Ursula Says:

    Yeah you always look great…you’re both very talented!

  3. Jennifer Says:

    Thanks again AM.
    You are stunning!

    Elizabeth & Ursula: Wish you could have joined us! Someday :)

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