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July 22, 2012

sample 2012

Monday I am scheduled for a critique of my work by a master weaver. I am pulling together various samples of scarves (like this one above) to show aspects of my work, praying the whole time that my sore tooth doesn’t become worse by tomorrow. There’s always something…

new warp

May 31, 2012

pirtti handwoven - blue green warp

I’ve tweaked my  design and the next step is to weave a sample. Not wanting to waste cones of yarn for a one sample scarf, I chose colors from vetoed yarns. The warp is turning out quite pretty and now I’m rethinking the veto!

happy weekend

April 28, 2012

pirtti handwoven

Today I did a little photo shoot of a scarf I am donating for a fundraising event this evening. I’m looking forward to getting more of these off the loom! I just might release a few more this summer…

introducing vaccinium

August 13, 2011


vaccinium detail


vaccinium modeled

The shop is now updated. There are only two vaccinium scarves available. These along with one remaining paradisi scarf are the last of the cotton/silk series for 2011. My next shop update will be in Oct/Nov when I launch my fall series. Happy shopping!

shop update on saturday

August 11, 2011

blue scarf

There will be a little shop update on Saturday morning around 10am Pacific time.  If this blue tickles your fancy, please be sure to check here on the blog, facebook or twitter for the shop opening. There are only two scarves available and once they’re gone…they’re gone! This is a limited edition scarf and I will not be making more.

Any questions, please feel free to use the comment section.

See you on Saturday…


July 28, 2011


I wrote awhile back that I was going to make the summer scarf in blue. All I had to do was tie the new blue warp to the old pink warp and keep weaving without having to re-thread the loom. Many house guests and a couple of trips out of town later, it is time to catch up. So the pink warp waited…


And one by one the blue warp threads got tied to the pink warp threads. That is a lot of little knots.


And now the weaving! I anticipate the scarves will be done and ready for a shop update by the end of next week. Stay tuned!


May 24, 2011

blue warp

With my hubs being in and out of town several times over the last two weeks and some projects around the house that needed attending, I’ve had to take a few days off from weaving. Today I finally had a chance to get back to my warp.


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