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follow friday

August 31, 2012

ermie modeling pirtti

Jennifer modeling fall 2012 to-be-named Pirtti scarf

Through Ursula of Modaspia I found Elizabeth of Primoeza. Through Elizabeth I found Jennifer of Ermie. By chance of moving to California and having the opportunity to visit L.A. regularly, I have met with Jennifer in person. I just love how that all comes together!

This past weekend I was in L.A for a quick trip and had the chance to meet up with Jennifer for coffee. (Though in reality it was much too hot for coffee!) I’ve been a fan of her bold and colorful work for quite a while. Having my head in the sand so to speak, weaving away by myself, I wanted to show her what I’m working on and talk through some ideas. It occurred to me that Jennifer has never actually seen my work in person and it tickled me pink that she was ready to buy a scarf on the spot on a hot day. It was great to show her the stuff in person, get some feedback, see what aspects of the work she was drawn to. I’m ready to get cracking on the next few warps and of course have ideas for many more. I only wish there were more hours in the day, or that I required less sleep.

All the ladies I mentioned above inspire me and were the first ones I followed when I decided to pursue this new venture. They all have blogs, and in the spirit of “follow friday“, I highly recommend you check them out.

Modaspia also on Facebook

Primoeza also on Pinterest and Instagram

Ermie also on Tumblr and Instagram

Instagram is quite fun and I find myself addicted. (@pirttihandwoven if you’re interested.) Speaking of following people, I have a funny story about that, but I’ll save that for another day…

sunday chill

April 10, 2011


Wide Wave scarf by Rilla of Marshall Arts. Small Shapes Cardi by Elizabeth of Primoeza. Sunshine courtesy of California. Cool breeze by San Francisco.

pirtti scarf

February 20, 2011

I was in the process of moving when Elizabeth of PRIMOEZA posted about her pirtti scarf so I missed this post until I caught up on my blog reading yesterday. Thanks for the modeled shot in the Australian summer heat! Read her post here.

the power of blogging

September 14, 2010


A few months ago I started following a blog written by a knitwear designer unlike any I have followed in the past. I quickly became fascinated with Elizabeth’s label PRIMOEZA and found myself yearning for one of her fantastic pieces. One small problem of course. She’s on the other side of the world in Australia.

She slowly hinted that her list of stockistsĀ  may be growing so I patiently waited. Perhaps it was a recent visit the designer made to NYC that gave it away, but I had a feeling that if I was patient, her stuff would show up somewhere nearby.

Sure enough, earlier this month she announced that a few of her pieces would be available at Erica Tanov which is located in one of my favorite shopping areas. This past weekend I had 20 minutes to spare before a haircut so I took a gamble and paid a visit to the store. Turns out they had just put the items out for sale that day.

I admit, I felt a little silly and a bit like a stalker groupie. But after following someone and learning about their inspiration and style and witnessing the growth of their business, it’s pretty darn exciting to be a part of it all as a customer. And I was more than happy to do my part. The flagstone scarf is soft and well made. The construction is simple and so clever. It will get much wear as the weather turns cooler.

My only disappointment was that there wasn’t more in the store. I really want a square snap scarf and perhaps a ceramic wrap… The shopping could continue.


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