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The studio is closed for the summer! Please check back in September.


We've been setting up our new studio space, enjoying its various states of not-quite-finished chaos. This space is a 10-year long dream realized. Knowing the creative possibilities that exist within these walls makes even the most mundane tasks—from installing appliances to organizing supplies—hum with inspired energy.

The studio will continue to change, and without a doubt, these photos will someday bring up a rush of nostalgia. So, we're collecting them here.

A new space, coming together.
Shiny floors waiting to be dressed with runaway flower bits and splatters of dye.
A day of dyeing and an unfinished weaving space, patiently waiting.
A serene corner for slow making, mirrored by the changing light through the window. Hours tick by and a weaving grows.
Ever-evolving messes to come.


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