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Anne-Marie Kavulla is a weaver, knitter, and dyer with a passion for plant dyes and circularity.

In the Pirtti studio, Anne-Marie offers plant-dyed goods that may be mended, over-dyed, and when no longer of service, composted. Each piece is an expression of the belief that slow making imbues objects with a unique energy. This spirit grows richer over time, as the object changes hands, takes on a patina, and eventually returns to the earth as nourishment.

Celebrating the life cycle of objects invites deeper respect for nature and contemplative living.


The objects we surround ourselves with carry teachings.

In choosing plant-dyed, natural goods, we delight in sustainability and invite a newfound appreciation for impermanence. We witness that even if color fades, beauty does not.

By composting the items we live with—after they’ve been enjoyed, mended, and enjoyed again—we practice living in harmony with the earth. 

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