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The studio is closed for the summer! Please check back in September.


A collection of linens for elaborate gatherings or quick breakfasts on the run. Made in collaboration with our friends and masters of the artful tablescape (and downstairs neighbors!) The Floral Society.

We dyed long linen table runners with leftover blooms from The Floral Society’s floral house, Poppies & Posies: ranunculus, roses, eucalyptus, and scabiosa, supplemented with madder root and cochineal. These would-be composted petals had so much color and life still to give—painterly chartreuse, inky blue, and little curls of pink.

Napkins were dyed with cutch, quebracho rojo, and osage with iron, developing subtly textured hues from rose to coral to moss. 

We wholeheartedly believe in using linens for even the most casual of meals—really using them—letting them catch crumbs and the occasional spill. Linen napkins only get more beautiful with time, gently spotted and wrinkled and full of memories.

Tap over to The Floral Society to shop the collection. Enjoy these in good health.


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